Thorogood & Associates UK

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About the business

Thorogood & Associates UK was formed in 2022 as consultancy specialising in succession and exit planning for company owners. The Principal, Neil Thorogood FCA, is a Chartered Accountant with over 40 year business experience in industry and commerce holding financial director roles and latterly owning and operating an education and training company for over 25years from which he successfully exited.

The experience gained from selling his own company inspired him to help other company owners plan for their own exit or succession.


About the Services

Thorogood & Associates UK provides succession and exit planning consultancy to company owners who may not have considered their options regarding either selling their company or transferring ownership to family members or employees.

The business provides specific consultancy in the areas of finance, leadership development, marketing, quality and risk management, through a number of qualified associates, to ensure the business is ready for a future sale or transition of ownership. We effectively help assess what the business owner really wants to do with their future life and develop a succession strategy to achieve this. We help correct / improve areas of the business that may create barriers to sale.

It is extremely important for business owners to properly consider what happens with their business, because legacy is important. Letting go of a business can be daunting but proper planning, well in advance, increases the chances of a smooth transition.

Thorogood & Associates UK also donates a percentage of its income to Edwards Trust, through its affiliations with other like minded companies in partnership with Groupprop.


Sectors of Activity

Thorogood & Associates UK  works across all business sectors from manufacturing, wholesaling, education, health and care, construction, retailing and many more.