Student IT Systems and Services

All BVGS students are issued with a network login account that allows you to sign onto the following services


School network (when in school from a school owned student device).



SIMS Student APP


When your in school you can access Office365, VLE or SIMS Student APP using the desktop shortcuts on the school devices. You should be signed in automatically.

** Note to current students


Your Office365, VLE and SIMS Student APP username is your BVGS school email address.

( i.e.


Your password is your BVGS network logon password.


Please note – you can only change your password whilst in school.

Student IT support is available during school hours by contacting the school IT team. The IT Team’s office is located in the 6th form hub.

Student Wi-Fi

To access student Wi-Fi please follow the instructions in this link Student WiFi (Currently available to 6form students only).

Student Super Curricular Booklet

To access the student super curricular booklet please click this link.

Sixth Form Summer Work 2019

To access the summer work, please click here

Sixth Form Student Support Funding can be accessed using the Draft Policy and Form below

16-19 Student Support Funding Policy

16-19 Student Support Funding Application Form