Sixth Form

Virtual Sixth Form Open Evening: Thursday 12th November 2020 (details coming soon)
Online applications for 2021 entry to the Sixth Form will be available on the school website from Friday 13th November 2020.

Admissions Policy

Admission to the Sixth Form is based on performance in a student’s best 6 GCSE subjects plus GCSE English Language and Mathematics (throughout this document this is referred to as ‘Best 8’)

Points are awarded for new GCSE qualifications in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics and in all the other legacy full course GCSE subjects.

A minimum score of 52 points will be required to gain entry into Sixth Form. This score is based on the following GCSE results:

Best 8 GCSE results including English Language and Mathematics.


Please note the following:


Applicants will require a minimum of a grade 5 in GCSE English Language and Mathematics, in order to gain entry to the Sixth Form.

In order to be able to take a particular subject at A-Level, a minimum of grade 7 at GCSE or an A or A* in that subject is expected (except in the case of further Mathematics where a grade 8 is required). Where the subject has not been taken at GCSE, a specified equivalent subject will be used;

For example, if a student wishes to study A-Level Economics and Computer Science, we will take the GCSE Mathematics grade. In the case of Psychology we will take the GCSE Biology grade.