Rugby is very well established at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School  and enjoyed by many students.  All pupils, regardless of their experience are welcomed into the greatest game in their early years and encouraged to participate as much as possible in games lessons, extra-curricular activities and school matches at weekends against many of the leading schools in the Midlands and beyond.  We compete in local, regional and national competitions, progressing as far as national semi-finals in recent years. Our latest initiative has made rugby available to Sixth Form Girls, with the establishment of a Girls’ Rugby Team. 

The school has a rich tradition in rugby; we have developed many domestic, district, county, academy, regional and international players.  Our alumni include professional and international rugby players, and one British and Irish Lion in JRC Young.

Each year a junior rugby tour is available to our year eight and nine boys, with visits to Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and Scotland, whilst our senior students tour biannually.  Recent destinations have included Singapore & Japan (2019), South America (2017), South Africa (2015) and Australia & New Zealand (2013).  Senior Rugby Tours offer the chance of a lifetime to see new sights, meet new people, make new friends, and experience vastly different cultures, and at the same time having the added bonus of playing rugby.

The values of rugby (Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship) sit very well in Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School and the game provides opportunities for everyone.

We hope you will enjoy the features and benefits of our rugby programme, and experience the challenges and rewards it provides. Rugby is, after all, more than “just a game”.