Over 125 boys and girls row throughout the school year at BVGS. Rowing offers an alternative to the traditional sports at the school and gives pupils the opportunity to compete at local and national heads/regatta throughout the school year. 

We row during the games afternoon at our base in Powell’s Pool in Sutton Park we out fleet of boats are located. Boys have their first taste of rowing in Year 7 where they can row during the summer term.

From Year 8 onwards rowing can be selected as a main sport and row throughout the academic year.

In addition to sessions on the water we run additional land sessions during the week to build strength and fitness of our rowers. We are fortunate to have the ‘Huskisson Erg Room’ where our boys can train on our indoor rowing machines (ergs) when we are unable to get onto the water.

At BVGS we have a group of passionate rowing coaches who work with students to provide a safe and rewarding environment for our students to flourish.