Richard Baizley

Richard Baizley

Richard is a qualified solicitor. He spent 25 years in private practice specialising in both Corporate Finance and Project Finance. He was very active in procurement and public/private partnerships. He now runs his own management consultancy business with three colleagues. They invest in and provide management to distressed or turn-around companies. To date they have successfully turned around 6 companies preserving the jobs of over 350 employees. These companies are from diverse sectors including one of the largest independent importers of wine in the UK. In addition, for the last seven years, he has been a Governor and Director of a Multi-Academy Trust. In my various roles, he has been involved in the strategic direction and growth of both private companies in a variety of sectors and Academies. As governor and director of Academies, he has had hands on dealings with the finances of Academies, staff recruitment and performance monitoring, complaints and latterly have dealt with the growth of an Academy. He has been actively involved in centralised procurement. Richard has a keen interest in SEN and inclusion and has completed extensive Autism Awareness training






Company Name Company No Position Held Date of Appointment Description of Company’s/Partnership’s Activity
KKVMS LLP OC358956 LLP Member 1/11/11 Management Consultants and Accountants
Stonehouse Corporate LLP OC426606 LLP Designated Member 27/3/19 Dormant
Wheatmoor Consultancy Limited 07036117 Director 5/10/09 Dormant
Cura Technical Holdings Limited 06598457 Director 30/06/11 Dormant
Arkenis Group Limited 05896918 Director 01/05/12 Dormant
St John Paul II Multi-Academy 08706247 Director 25/09/13 Multi-Academy Trust
Cura Technical Limited 02853954 Director 11/12/14 IT Services and Maintenance
Cura IT Services Limited 12140735 Director 6/8/19 Dormant
Drinks In Tube Limited 10179674 Director 13/05/16 Wine Gifts
Buckden Property Limited 12267878 Director 17/10/19
Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School 07986921 Director 1/11/17 Academy Trust