Dean Carter

Dean Carter

Dean is a parent of two ‘Old Veseyans’ who left in the last few years. He has been a Governor since September 2012 and as well as sitting on the main Governing Board, he sits on the Programme Board and is Chairman of the Foundation Charity Income and Investments Committee.

Dean is a Treasurer by profession and specialises in banking risk and governance (mainly financial risk, market risk and regulatory governance). He has worked both in the building society and banking sectors for some 25 years and he is currently a management consultant working with bank and building society boards. Dean was also Treasurer for a challenger bank he helped to start in 2016.

Dean believes in giving something back, and can’t think of a better way than supporting the fabulous teaching staff at BVGS in those areas he has experience in.

Dean enjoys Land Rovers, scuba diving and current affairs. He is a veteran of the Honourable Artillery Company (the second oldest military regiment in the world) and enjoys the challenge of fixings things!!