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Commando Joe’s

Commando Joe’s is a team of only the most elite instructors, all committed to helping children realise their full potential through the delivery of character education programmes.

Tailoring bespoke programmes to meet the unique requirements of each institution, Commando Joe’s has worked with over 1,000 schools, improving students’ attitudes towards learning, attendance and punctuality.





Our services


We have built our reputation for providing a comprehensive range of high-quality services:

  • We are a team of elite instructors, committed to helping students realise their true potential, ensuring no child is left behind.
  • We have worked with more than 1,000 schools nationally to support leaders and teachers in designing bespoke character education programmes.
  • Working with individual children or whole classes, we can tailor our services to support the unique requirements of a specific group or person.
  • The flexibility of our programmes ensures that learning is personalised and has measurable results, bespoke to each individual institution.
  • We teach character education, embedding the understanding of British values, broadening and preparing our children for life in modern Britain.
  • The improvement of attitudes towards learning, attendance and punctuality has been independently proved, with results published internationally.
  • We have supported primary schools, high schools, community groups and PRUs, helping students overcome challenges and learn important skills.


For more information, you can read case studies via our website or contact our team directly – unlock the true potential of Commando Joe’s training!

Website: https://commandojoes.co.uk/

Email: michaelh@commandojoes.co.uk

Phone: 0844 800 3212 or 07786 181 619