Andrea Wesson

Andrea Wesson

I have been a Vesey Community Governor since 2017, I am Deputy Chair of Finance, Estates and People Committee and I sit on the Charity Income and Investments Committee.

I am the Chief Financial Officer of Eversholt UK Rails Group, an owner of UK passenger and freight rolling stock. I am a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer with many years’ experience in a variety of finance roles in the private sector.

For much of my career my responsibilities have included maximising the value of resources available, for financial and non-financial results. I hope that this experience will be particularly useful to the school.

I have two sons. My eldest has been enjoying his time at the school since joining in 2016. He plays school rugby and has enjoyed fantastic trips and tours with the school. My youngest was very excited to join the school in 2018, not least for the rugby! The boys keep me very busy, but when there is time between standing on various touchlines I enjoy exploring with the boys, walking, cycling, skiing and cooking (and eating).

Andrea J Wesson

SCHEDULE OF Directorships, Partnerships and Trustee positions

Company Name Company No Position Held Date of Appointment Description of Company’s/Partnership’s Activity
Eversholt UK Rails (Holdings) Ltd 10783654 Director 22/5/17 Rolling Stock Company and Associated Companies
Eversholt Investment Limited FC034079 Director 8/2/17
European Rail Finance (2) Limited FC034078 Director 8/2/17
European Rail Finance Holdings Limited FC034076 Director 8/2/17
European Rail Finance Limited FC033109 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Funding PLC 07329930 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Finance Holdings Limited 07327371 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Rail Leasing Limited 02720809 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Rail Holdings (UK) Limited 04415647 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Depot Finance Limited 052299765 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Rail Limited 06953114 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Rail (380) Limited 01139640 Director 20/7/16
Eversholt Rail (365) Limited 05229687 Director 20/7/16