The Sixth Form Experience

Applications for September 2021 entry are now closed.

Please note; that in the context of the ongoing pandemic, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School is constantly reviewing our Sixth Form Admissions Policy for 2021.  Any updates will appear on this webpage.


Admission to the Sixth Form is based on performance in a student’s best 6 GCSE subjects plus GCSE English Language and Mathematics (throughout this document this is referred to as ‘Best 8’)


Points are awarded for new GCSE qualifications in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics and in all the other legacy full course GCSE subjects.


A minimum score of 52 points will be required to gain entry into Sixth Form. This score is based on the following GCSE results: Best 8 GCSE results including English Language and Mathematics.


Please note the following:


Applicants will require a minimum of a grade 5 in GCSE English Language and Mathematics, in order to gain entry to the Sixth Form.


In order to be able to take a particular subject at A-Level, a minimum of grade 7 at GCSE or an A or A* in that subject is expected (except in the case of further Mathematics where a grade 8 is required). Where the subject has not been taken at GCSE, a specified equivalent subject will be used;

For example, if a student wishes to study A-Level Economics and Computer Science, we will take the GCSE Mathematics grade. In the case of Psychology we will take the GCSE Biology grade.

About the Sixth Form

Bishop Vesey’s Grammar school is a very special place.  Since the 16th Century, we have provided an outstanding, academically challenging and well-rounded education for able students, irrespective of background, from Birmingham and across the Midlands.  Our academic profile at A Level is conformably in the top fifty schools nationally.  Judging us outstanding in 2010, 2011 and 2014, OFSTED wrote in our most recent inspection “The Sixth Form is outstanding. Standards are consistently amongst the highest in the country”.


Approximately 70% of our students move on to prestigious Russell Group Universities, including Oxbridge.  We provide specialist support for a variety of applications and our students benefit from our numerous academic societies in Medicine, Dentistry, Politics, STEM and Law.   We welcome current academics and professionals to our School on a weekly basis, who provide our students with the inspiration and advice that helps them to make strong applications to the most competitive institutions.  We also host an annual ‘University Fair’, which attracts leading ‘Russell Group Universities’ to our School, as well has organising ‘Interview and Mini Medical Interview Preparation Days’ for courses that have specialised entry criteria.   “Every opportunity is taken to bring in visiting speakers from business and the professions, and students are encouraged to attend careers fairs”. (OFSTED 2014)


I am proud to head up a highly skilled Sixth Form Team who is passionate about developing the young people in our care. Pastoral care is outstanding. We have highly skilled and trained staff who can respond to the emotional needs of students during their A-Level studies.    We strive to create an environment where students can fulfil their academic potential and develop the professional skills required for adult life.  At BVGS we pride ourselves on excellent monitoring and early intervention as a means of helping all of our students to maximise their potential.


We also place a considerable emphasis on nurturing the whole person and offer an exciting range of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities.  Our extra-curricular provision is first-rate, wide ranging and of national renown.  Our Wednesday Games afternoon includes a wide range of sporting activities to reflect the varying interests and abilities of our students.  Many of our students take part in competitive fixtures in Rugby, Cricket, Hockey, Cross Country and Netball, against other schools from across the Midlands and beyond.  In excess of 40 Sixth Formers benefit from our unique provision in Rowing.   In addition, BVGS has a proud tradition in organising international sporting tours for our teams, with sixth formers representing the School across Australasia, South America, the Caribbean and Europe in recent years.


We also have an excellent reputation for Music and Drama.  Many of our students are involved in Orchestras, Ensembles, Companies and Choirs at the highest level across the Midlands.  There are regular performance opportunities across the year.  The Clive Richards Music Centre houses excellent rehearsal and performance spaces as well as teaching by 14 different peripatetic musicians.  The Department also facilitates performance opportunities at Birmingham Symphony Hall and European Music Tours for our students.


Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School Sixth Form students are also expected to make contributions to the school and local communities through participation in our ‘Enrichment Programme’.  Students from this school volunteer in a range of charitable and ‘care’ institutions.  They also act as academic mentors to our younger students and tutor in Primary and Secondary schools across Birmingham.


The leadership potential of our Sixth Formers is nurtured and encouraged with our students filling a multitude of roles.  Students feel empowered and trusted to bring about positive change across the school. Leadership opportunities are performed through our House System, School Council, Charity Team or as Mental Health Officers and Equality Officers.


Please note that A-Level study at BVGS is now a linear process.  From day one, students are prepared for examinations at the end of a two-year journey. Most students take three A-Levels but our highest achievers (based on GCSE results) have the opportunity to take four subjects.   The academic success of our School is based around an assessment model, which guarantees all students at least two assessments per subject per half term.  All of these assessments are followed by detailed feedback and are based on examination board criteria.    We also offer the AQA ‘Extended Project Qualification’, as part of our Sixth Form provision. This offers our students the opportunity to engage in a University styled research task, which at the same time enhances their UCAS application.


Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School is constantly refining and improving the admissions process for entry to our Sixth Form.   We are keen to welcome students who are both committed academics and willing participants in our flourishing school community. The BVGS Sixth Form admissions process for 2021 reflects the guidance as outlined in the latest edition of the ‘Department for Education; School Admissions Code’ which came into force in England in December 2014.


Please note that for 2021, our initial admissions process involves an online application, which can be found on the homepage of the school website from  Friday 13th November and close at 5pm on Thursday 17th December.   If we receive a number of applications, which exceed our ‘PAN’ for 2020, we will request additional information from candidates, in accordance with our ‘Over Subscription Criteria’.


Prior to the commencement of Sixth Form study, BVGS will offer a number of induction opportunities to support your transition from Year 11 to Sixth Form study at BVGS. The focus for this process will be the provision of effective strategies aimed at ‘bridging the gap’ between GCSE and A-Level level.  It also allows all students to meet members from their new academic cohort, drawn from a variety of academic institutions and geographical locations, encompassing Greater Birmingham and beyond.


We look forward to receiving your application.


Yours Sincerely

Mr Goodwin
Assistant Headteacher; Head of Sixth Form

A Word from the School Captains 2021/2022

It has been incredibly difficult for you guys as a lot of your school life has been disrupted due to the ongoing pandemic. However, through perseverance and resilience, we are extremely proud of how far you have come. At last, you have reached Sixth Form (what a relief!), yet this chapter in your life can seem intimidating as well as exciting. Therefore, we want to reassure and help you along this journey, whether you have just started or are continuing your Vesey Experience.  


Firstly, be certain that you are doing subjects that you are passionate about and have a genuine interest for. The transition between GCSEs and A-Levels is tough, but by doing subjects you enjoy, the workload will not feel as harsh.  


Secondly, have confidence in yourself, putting your name and ideas out there. Not only does this enable you to develop as a person, but it also plays a part in evolving the BVGS Community for the better.  


At BVGS, we have a variety of clubs that you can join ranging from sport, music, academics and everything in between. Do not hesitate to join them, as school is not just about grades but also becoming a well-rounded individual who works hard but also plays hard.  


Finally, the most important advice we can offer is to give these two years your best because that is all you can do. As well as subject work, you also have university applications, leadership roles, competitions, etc. to deal with, so give it your all and don’t be afraid to ask for support if you need it.  


From being in Year 12, this school has changed and developed our attitudes and behaviour into the people we are today, and we are extremely grateful for this. By not just learning but finding passion in academia and not just making friends but forging lifelong friendships, we want you to have the same and in fact better experience than we have had.  


We wish you all the best. 


Blessing and Krishan  

School Captains 2021/2022 

A-Level Subjects at BVGS


Curriculum departments have access to the latest technology and teaching methods to support effective learning. These include a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Centre with science laboratories, modern well-equipped and networked information technology suites, specialist mathematics teaching rooms and a robotics room. There are also large art rooms, a specialist music centre, a modern library resources facility and extensive study areas.


The school understands the important contribution that facilities can make to school life and student enjoyment. Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School has spacious mix of accommodation and facilities in extensive and attractive grounds. We have wide ranging specialist facilities that cater for all aspects of the curricular and extra-curricular activity.


Our sports facilities include a floodlit all weather pitch (Middle Field), a multisport sports hall and indoor cricket centre, seven rugby pitches, three cricket squares, a four lane all weather cricket net facility, netball courts, tennis courts and erg room and an extensive range of rowing boats. The school utilises offsite facilities to support rowing, cross country running, cycling and athletics.

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