Signing out and Absences

Upon entering the sixth form you are taking responsibility for you own attendance and punctuality. You are old enough to get yourself to school on time and every day!

You must be on site by 8.40a.m. at the latest. If you incur 3 late marks per week you will be issued with a detention – beware, our use of lesson registration makes tracking you very very easy!

If you are late, it is imperative that you sign in at the main school office before going to your lesson.

If you have an upcoming known absence, e.g. a medical appointment or open day visit, you must fill in a blue absence form. These are available in the sixth form area and need to be completed before passing to your Head of Year. You are also expected to collect the work that you will miss, in advance.

If you need to leave school during the day, e.g. for an appointment, you must sign out at the Main School Office but will also need permission from your Head of Year.

 You are not allowed offsite before 1p.m. on any day of the week.