Letter to Year 7 Parents

Letter to Year 7 Parents

06 September 2017

Dear Parents of Year 7

Excellent First Day

I do hope you enjoy talking to your son about their first day at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School.  They should, I hope, be able to explain to you what the connection is between calamari, The Guggenheim Museum and Bilbo Baggins.  I will be very impressed if you can work it out without asking your son!  This afternoon the boys enjoyed their first lesson ranging from Mathematics, Geography, Science, German to Guidance.  I hope they enjoyed it.


Please note that parents/carers should not come on to the school site during the school day.  Thank you for your cooperation with this important safeguarding matter.

Road Safety

Please do talk to your sons this evening about road safety.  A couple of staff returning from Sixth Form Games this evening noticed that a small number of Year 7 were displaying bad habits as pedestrians.  Firstly, when walking to and from school, the boys should put their phones in their pockets so that they are fully alert to what is going on around them.  Secondly, around Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School there are many busy roads.  The boys should only be crossing the road at the pedestrian crossings. It is also important that parents know their son’s route, and that they review the safety and practicality of that route.  Thank you for re-enforcing these messages, which we will also repeat tomorrow in school, and for taking the time to discuss road safety.


Please respect our neighbours by not parking or collecting your sons from Boswell Road or the surrounding estate. Please note that traffic cameras are regularly in operation on Boswell Road.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Looking forward to tomorrow.  Year 7 have their photograph day.  Keep smart!

Yours sincerely

Dominic Robson