Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools is a programme led by the Department for Children, Schools and Families and the Department of Health.  
The aim is to promote a whole school / whole child approach to health.

It is believed to improve;
   **Health and reduce health inequalities
   **Pupil attainment
   **Social inclusion
   **Links between health providers and education

There are four key themes:
  – Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (Mrs. Hodkinson)
  – Healthy Eating (Miss Lockyer and Miss Harper)
  – Physical Activity (Mr Howell)
  – Emotional Health and Wellbeing (Miss Hearn and Miss Steadman)

We have included some details for each topic below and please contact the relevant teachers if you have any queries.

Mrs. Hodkinson – h.hodkinson@bishopveseys.bham.sch.uk
Miss Storey – h.storey@bishopveseys.bham.sch.uk
Mr. Howell – c.howell@bishopveseys.bham.sch.uk
Miss Hearn – r.hearn@bishopveseys.bham.sch.uk
Miss Steadman – k.steadman@bishopveseys.bham.sch.uk


 Topics for KS3
 Year 7 Information Literacy (3 Lessons TS)
Healthy Eating
Human Rights
Personal Safety
Emotional Health and Wellbeing
 Year 8 Knife Crime
Diversity and Multiculturalism  
The Media  
United Nations and Ethical Issues  
 Year 9 Sexual Health  
Drugs and Alcohol  
Financial Capability  


 KS4 Citizenship
The media and globalisation
Ethics and animal rights
Thinking skills


Physical Activity

Clubs to join – 
Cricket – Walmley, Sutton Coldfield, Four Oaks Saints, Aston Unity
Rugby – Sutton Coldfield, Old Veseyans
Hockey – Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield.
Tennis – Streetly, Penns, Sutton Hard courts.
Athletics – Royal Sutton

All of the above run junior and senior practices and welcome new members. 
Contact the P.E. department for further details.

Extra curricular timetable – To be advised

Emotional Health and Wellbeing  – See Pastoral Pages

Healthy Eating
From September it will be possible to view the food choices that your son has made.  Further details will be made available in September.

The following websites offer suggestions for healthy meals:

The following website gives the food standards:

Our caterer, Chartwells, support healthy eating.  Find more information on their website http://www.chartwells.co.uk/

What makes a good packed lunch? 
see the links below for ideas of  ‘What makes a good packed lunch’…………