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Corporate Partnership provides collaboration opportunities for Felton Consult.

Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School (BVGS) Corporate Partnership has once again proved effective in facilitating working relationships between its partners, as Felton Consult begins collaborating with fellow members.

The Midlands-based firm of Chartered Surveyors has already established relationships with PrintMonster and Honeybourne Facilities Group, since joining the Corporate Partnership in January 2017.

Due to organic growth, the company has also undergone a total rebrand since joining the partnership with the help of Katie Hale – a relationship that started from an initiative-led networking event.

Felton Consult, who provide complete building consultancy services including financial planning and project control for clients involved in the construction industry, have used their industry experience and expertise to assist members, while maintaining their longstanding support for the school.

The company officially joined the partnership after Felton Consult Director, John Beggan, stepped down from the BVGS Parent Association Council, following seven years’ involvement with the group – the final three spent as acting Chair.

With this longstanding history of supporting Bishop Vesey’s, Felton Consult has thrown its support behind the initiative, which aims to improve the school’s facilities and services, while offering local businesses a networking forum to build working relationships.

“Through my involvement with the school, I was aware of the Corporate Partnership and the success it has experienced in recent times, consistently growing its membership base.

“With my son leaving the school last year, the Corporate Partnership seemed like the perfect way of helping support the school for current and future pupils, while allowing Felton Consult to network with other businesses.

“Another key factor in our decision to join the partnership was seeing the passion and commitment of Development Director, Brian Davies, and how he has grown the initiative over time.

“There is currently a very diverse mix of partners from a number of industries, and we’re looking forward to building more working relationships with these partners in the future.”

Corporate Partnership Development Director, Brian Davies, commented: “We’re delighted to have a well-respected company like Felton Consult in the Corporate Partnership, and I’m confident they will continue to bring value and expertise that the other members can also benefit from.

“John has been involved with the school for a very long time, and I have seen first-hand his passion for supporting the school and its students.

“From our point of view, we only want partners who are truly dedicated to improving standards at the school and are committed to building new relationships with the other corporate partners.

“We’re looking forward to working with John and the Felton Consult team more in the future, and I’m positive the other members will welcome future collaboration opportunities too.”

Website: https://www.feltonconsult.co.uk/

Email: johnb@feltonconsult.co.uk

Phone: 07802 815705