e- Safety – responsible network use


All students and staff are required to sign an Acceptable Use Policy in order to gain access to the network.  Below is a summary of our policy on Responsible Network Use.

Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School
Responsible Network Use

The computer system is owned by the school. This Responsible Network Use statement helps to protect students, staff and the school by clearly stating what use of the computer resources is acceptable and what is not.

1. Access to the school network must only be made via your authorised account and password, which must not be given to any other user.
2. Downloading or playing non-educational games is not permitted.
3. Do not download any illegal materials (e.g. cracked software, pirated music or movies or copyrighted materials) or bring such material in to school.
4. Do not run/install any software that has not been installed by the BVGS IT department.
5. Use for personal financial gain, gambling, political purposes or advertising is forbidden.
6. The use of chat rooms is not permitted.
7. Copyright and Intellectual property must be respected.
8. E-mail should be written carefully and politely, particularly as messages may be forwarded or printed and be seen by unexpected readers. 
9. All internet activity should be appropriate to staff professional activity or student education
10. ICT system security must be respected; it is a criminal offence to use a computer for a purpose not permitted by the system owner.

The school may exercise its right to monitor the use of the school’s computer systems, including access to web-sites, the interception of e-mail and the deletion of inappropriate materials where it believes unauthorised use of the school’s computer system may be taking place, or the system may be being used for criminal purposes or for storing unauthorised or unlawful text, imagery or sound.

All of these are specific parts of childnet to support safety on line and in terms of communications technology in general: