BVGS Recognised For Supporting Students’ Law Careers

BVGS Recognised For Supporting Students’ Law Careers

Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School recognised for supporting students’ law careers


For those students who are looking towards a career in law, Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School could offer the competitive advantage needed to secure a high-profile opportunity.
According to research by Rare, a diversity recruitment specialist, the school ranks amongst the top 20 elite state schools, providing the most applications to tier-one graduate employers. Featured at number 11, Bishop Vesey’s is one of 16 selective grammar schools named and is the only school north of the Watford Gap to make the list, with the other 19 based in the South East.

This news comes after it was recently ranked 33rd of the nation’s secondary schools in the Sunday Times Parent Power league tables and 5th in the West Midlands list of state secondary schools.The research from Rare was conducted using a contextual recruitment system which factors social mobility metrics into companies’ graduate recruitment databases.

Commenting on the findings, Dominic Robson, Headteacher at Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School, said: “It’s fantastic to see the school recognised for the support we offer our students, especially for those looking to pursue a career in law, an industry where the competition for places can be highly contested.

“While we have built a reputation for providing students with first-class education experiences, we also pride ourselves on the ability to help students secure career opportunities once they leave.

“As a school, we strive to deliver the ultimate Vesey Experience, providing students with outstanding opportunities in sport, music and drama combined with the valuable support from parents, local businesses and alumni for career mentoring.

“Of the 20 elite state schools that produce the most applicants to top graduate schemes, 12 are based in London, which again stands testament to the time and effort we invest helping students achieve their goals.

When you combine the research from Rare with the other league table results that have recently been published, it’s definitely a great time to be associated with the school, especially for those pupils who are fast approaching the move into working life.”

Richard Kerry, Legal Director at Bell Lax Solicitors, commented: “As part of the Bishop Vesey’s Corporate Partnership, it’s very promising to see the school recognised as being one of the best in the UK at producing the next generation of talented students.

“While our main priority is supporting the school, it’s a massive achievement to see Bishop Vesey’s recognised for the support it provides its pupils, as there’s always a chance that some will go on to support the local businesses affiliated with the school.

“Given this recent news, we’re very much looking forward to working alongside the school and supporting their work in the future.”