BVGS Coronavirus Action Planning

BVGS Coronavirus Action Planning

Following the government advice issued on Thursday 12th March, we thought it appropriate to issue a section on our website which specifically details the actions we as a school have taken since the Coronavirus outbreak.


If you are a parent or child with safeguarding concerns, please find this updated page on our website, which has a wealth of resources. Follow the link here. 

If you would like to access some information regarding keeping mentally healthy during lockdown, please click here for a poster generated by our new Mental Health Officers, Jay Mittal and Ella Ward.


During a directive from the Prime Minister issued at 5.30pm on Wednesday 18th March, schools nationally were ordered to close for the foreseeable future, for ‘the vast majority of pupils’. Since then, the latest information, as per the Prime Minister’s briefing on Sunday 10th May:

 “From 1 June 2020, we expect that secondary schools will be able to offer some face to face contact with year 10 and year 12 pupils.

This will not be a return to full timetables or pupils back in school full time, but rather some support to supplement pupils’ remote education.

In line with implementing protective measures and reducing contacts, schools and colleges should limit the attendance of the year 10 and 12 cohort in the setting at any one time and to keep students in small groups. Schools should also ensure that the use of public transport for travel to and from school is minimised, especially at peak times.”

Please see our weekly newsletter of Frudat 15th May for the first of many communications from Mr. Robson following this information. You can find the link to that newsletter here.

We are continuing to provide education onsite for vulnerable children, and children of keyworkers, up to and during the small increase in onsite provision, which will begin in the new half-term.

This document below is a ‘go-to’ place which details all the actions taken and communications distributed are listed. Up-to-date as of 2pm on Monday 20th April.


Please follow this link here to download the PDF document.


Please find links here to all the whole-school letters which have sent home detailing the school’s COVID-19 contingency planning:

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Tuesday 17th March- Year 7 and 8 MEP Afterschool Postponed


Monday 16th March- Year 8 Parents Evening Cancelled


Friday 13th March- Postponing ‘Teechers’ 

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Thursday 12th March- Contingency planning in the case of closure