GCSE Results 2019

GCSE Results 2019

BVGS GCSE Results 2019

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Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School is celebrating another outstanding set of GCSE results, with a  school record being set. 73% of all GCSE entries were awarded at grades 7, 8 and 9. Half of the grades attained were at grade 8 and 9, and a fabulous 29% of grades were awarded at the very highest level, grade 9. The average student Attainment 8 score is 76.21, the equivalent of attaining six grade 8s and four grade 7s.

There have been some exceptional student performances with 18 students attaining straight top grades. Four boys received a clean sweep of ten grade 9s: William Cowley, Jamie Higginbotham William Jackson and Charlie Richards, with the latter three students also gaining top grades in the challenging FSMQ Additional Mathematics examination. Well done also to Aadam Ahmed (six 9s and 4 8s), Fintan Brennan (five 9s and five 8s), Arsh Iqbal (eight 9s and two 8s), Govind Jandu (eight 9s and two 8s), Dan Jones (eight 9s and two 8s), James Keeling (nine 9s and one 8), Jack Lees (nine 9s and one 8), James McKay (eight 9s and two 8s), Jay Mittal (seven 9s and three 8s), Mithun Padmanabhan (eight 9s and two 8s), Rahul Shamji (seven 9s and three 8s), Alexander Tripp (seven 9s and three 8s), Patrick Tyrrell (eight 9s and two 8s), James Whitehouse (eight 9s and two 8s). Mithun and Alexander are both enrolled as Arkwright Scholars in the prestigious national engineering scheme.

One family was particularly celebrating this morning. Twins, Jack and Thomas Moore both attained a phenomenal seven grade 9s!  In total, there were forty one students (32% of this year group), who attained an impressive five or more grade 9s. In fact, the modal grade, the one most attained by Year 11, was actually a grade 9!

Every student attained at least a standard pass in English Language and Mathematics, with 89% of the grades in Mathematics awarded at grades 7-9.  

Dominic Robson, Headteacher, was delighted:

“Staff and students have worked very hard. They have all done themselves proud and attained the best GCSE results we have ever had.

I am so pleased that the School continues to keep a strong sense of balance and community. Our Year 11 students have been intelligently led by the Head of Year, Mr Tom Williams, Mr Russell Bowen, Deputy Headteacher i/c KS4 and Mrs Heather Hodkinson, KS4 Learning Mentor and well- supported by an excellent staff, parent and governing body.

The students have engaged well with the extra-curricular life of the School. In their midst, there are many talented musicians and sportsmen. This cohort have been well-represented on recent music tours to Paris and rugby tours to Singapore and Japan.

One Year 11 student, Dermot Mee (two 8s, three 7s and four 6s), leaves us to join Manchester United as a goalkeeper apprentice. Meanwhile, one Y11 joining our Sixth Form, Connor Smith (two 8s, five 7s, two 6s and a 5), is the current National Downhill Cycling champion in his age group.

This Year 11 cohort have developed superbly as young men during their time with us. We are very proud of them all and we wish them the very best with their next step in education and training.”