Pastoral Care

Heather Hodkinson –Learning Mentor for KS4, i/c of PSHE & Citizenship

My key role is to continue the pastoral service provided in Key Stage 3 whilst enhancing the support for students to develop greater focus on attaining academic achievement.

Key Stage 4, which includes Years 10 and 11, has Room 2 as a dedicated study area. In here I facilitate group sessions for revision and study techniques but also to have individual meetings with students to enable them to have a non-judgemental sounding boarding for any concerns or issues they may have academically or personally. The teenage years can be a confusing and frustrating time for themselves and for their parents, sometimes communication at home can be strained and difficult so I also offer confidential support to any parent who may be finding this period difficult as “The bond between the child and their parents is the most critical influence on a child’s life. Parenting has a strong impact on a child’s educational development, behaviour, and mental health.” (Every Child Matters, Green paper. September 2003)

Students are encouraged to utilise the resources available within the Room 2, which includes computers, revision books, text books and past papers. Working with students in Years 10 and 11 either individually, in small groups or as a whole year group, I aim to empower students overcome any barriers they may have to learning and encourage them to start contemplating their options post16. To support their life choices I utilise a variety of external agencies to provide health awareness workshops, sex education, specialised counselling and  team building activities. As a finale to Key Stage 4 and to celebrate the end of their GCSEs, I organise a trip for the whole group to join in as for some this will be the end of their time at BVGS.

My aim is to enable all Key Stage 4 students to confidently complete their external exams, achieve their academic potential and make supported, appropriate choices for their next stage of life’s journey.


Additional Information:

If students wish for further information on issues such as Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Bereavement and Sex and Relationships but are nervous about talking to someone then there are leaflets/information posters around the school signposting students to different organisations/charities/agencies and outside Miss Steadman's/Miss Gilbert’s office.


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