Hospitable partnership between Eventmasters and local school

Hospitality specialist Eventmasters is one of the latest businesses to join the Bishop Vesey’s Grammar School (BVGS) Corporate Partnership Programme, which launched at the start of January.

The business, which is still family run and has been operating for over 30 years from offices in Birmingham and London, has joined the new initiative to connect with the school, and will help support some of the events to be held for the BVGS Inspiration and Excellence Fund.

Eventmasters managing director Denise Sheasby said: “All our directors are from the local area and we hope to give back to the community by supporting this inspiring initiative.

“Having recently set up the Eventmasters Charitable Trust, the first charity we are working with is the BVGS Inspiration and Excellence Fund.

“BVGS shares a lot of our values at Eventmasters — they are a proactive school, continually challenging the issues faced by the education sector.

“We plan to work with them to deliver exceptional events, providing general support and sourcing auction prizes. Each will have bespoke requirements.

“We are all about hospitality — going the extra mile and crafting a special experience for our clients. Commissioning venue-appointed events companies reduces the number of third parties involved, so there are fewer costs to consider, a key to success, and it is much easier to personalise the occasion to suit.”

Brian Davies, Development Director and Deputy Director of Sport at the school, commented: “It’s great to have Eventmasters involved, and as we continue to grow the Corporate Partnership Programme our work with them should increase.

“We plan to attract as many affiliates, parents and businesses as possible to the events, which will help to support our Inspiration and Excellence Fund giving us the opportunity to enrich the lives of our students. With the high level of attention to detail provided by Eventmasters through their specially tailored offer, we plan to increase attendance and further grow our network within the community.”

Mrs Sheasby added: “We’re keen to develop a strong, long-term relationship with the school and it is great to see we are on the same page as Brian. After all, corporate hospitality is important to all businesses, including academies like BVGS.”

Eventmasters, which has catering and travel arms (and recently also launched a digital marketing agency) provides hospitality solutions at a wide range of sporting events including horse racing, football, rugby, cricket, tennis and rowing on behalf of thousands of VIP customers.

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